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Following my 2020 theme of leaning into the fear, I said yes to being a guest on the (Off The) TalkTrack podcast to discuss Diversity in PR and journalism with Mylan Vu – PR and Communications Consultant at Vu Consulting + Founder at Echo Chamber EscapeShane Allison – Co-founder, Public Address | NSW President, PRIA, and Antoinette Lattouf –  Director of Media Diversity Australia and Senior Journalist at Network Ten.

Have a listen to the show “The intersection of public relations, journalism and diversity” here.

Episode Description

It’s no secret – the public relations landscape isn’t particularly diverse. Does this feed into the types of people that the public relations industry puts forward as spokespeople and impact our landscape? Similarly, would more diversity in the journalism industry impact what everyday Australians associate with concepts like ‘leader’, ‘expert’ and ‘trustworthy’?Join Kimberley Lee, Director of BRAND PR SOCIAL, and Antoinette Lattouf, Director of Media Diversity Australia and Senior Journalist at Network 10, and co-hosts Shane Allison and Mylan Vu to discuss how diversity – or lack thereof – in the PR, communications and journalism industries and shaping our society.


It’s so important to have the hard conversations, for this is the only way they’ll become less hard. As a communications professional, I hope we, as a profession, can take the lead in making change. As a therapist, I hope we, as individuals, can do the work to grow our understanding, empathy and compassion as a way to make progress.

I’d love to know about your experiences of diversity of all kinds in your workplace.