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This is my third consecutive year spending a month in the US BUT, it’s the first time I’ve been here as a freelancer which has transformed the sojourn from a holiday in the purest definition to a professional and personal refresh and refocus.

WHERE: I’ve spent time in the brisk (read: -12 degrees centigrade in the sun!) altitude atop snowy mountains where the air is thin and the hospitality is rich with ski bums from way back who know how to live the moment. Los Angeles has delivered many an advertisement in bright lights, adorned with disclaimers and marketing messages we could only dream of broadcasting (or not!) in Australia. And now I’m immersed in the depths of #NYC, absorbing the wonders that light up the faces of those who warn me ‘you’ll want to stay there’.

WHAT: Amongst #livingthedream skiing, sipping Ciroc at Bar Marmont and pounding the pavement ducking into retail homes for an epic shop and to get warm, I’ve also had time to reflect on the past 12 months as BRAND PR SOCIAL and what the next 12 months may hold … ok, that’s a lie, more like what the next 3-6 months holds.

WHY only a few months ahead: I have decided to keep pace and momentum with a focus on what needs to be done sooner as a priority. I have found much of my planning further ahead in time ends with a list that has been edited so far that it is unrecognisable from it’s original self. What happens later can change so dramatically in such a short time. I’m not just referring to freelance life but also to what’s happening in the Social Media space.

Notes have also been taken about specific skills and ‘things’ I’d like to build over the coming months professionally and personally which I may or may not share along the way depending on what gets done and what gets rolled over to 2015’s list.

WHEN: I hope you have enjoyed this intro to a story that will unfold in more frequent posting here on my blog.

HOW: More illustrations can be found by following me on Instagram and sidebars can be found on my Twitter feed.

Thanks for stopping by!