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Do you understand your team’s individual communication styles – how they communicate + how they like to receive information as defined by them using their own language?

It’s also valuable for each person to share their styles back with the team, then invite peers to share observations and what they may agree or disagree with. This requires skill to create a safe environment to share and to hold space for each person and the collective in a supportive and non-threatening way.

I find this approach to understanding your team – and each other – can be more helpful for understanding needs than some personality indicator assessments. These kinds of ‘tests’ use words chosen by someone else and are often so dependent on how the person feels in the moment. Asking people to define their style also minimises people attaching to their prescribed type in their test results.

Running workshops like this blends my experience as a communications consultant with foundations in therapeutic skills.

If you think this could be helpful for you, get in touch for a chat about what a session could look like based on your needs.