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For our second Creating the Future of PR  Meetup the topic was ‘The Marketing Organisation of the Future’ with Pru Quinlan, CEO, Einsteinz Communications, Ben Shipley, Managing Director, Spectrum Group, and Tony Faure, Chairman, Junkee Media, Stackla, Pollenizer on our panel of communications leaders.

As the marketing discipline becomes more fragmented, marketing agencies and internal departments need to take a collaborative approach to achieve success and longevity. Specialists will have a key role working with marketing teams to provide strategic communications counsel for brands who truly understand what they’re all about and who their audiences are, as discussed by three key communications leaders at our recent Sydney meetup.

‘The Marketing Organisation of the Future’ was the hot topic for our senior panel, who addressed the questions: What is changing and is not changing in marketing? What are the characteristics and capabilities of marketing organisations of the future? What can we be doing now to become the successful marketing organisation of tomorrow?

Find out what our panellists said in the full article here: Insights into Tomorrow’s Marketing Organizations: The Interplay of Brands and Agencies