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Over the years I’ve dipped in and out of yoga classes in search of inner calm and balance, each time without success of achieving neither calm nor balance. Rather, I’ve passed the hour thinking about all the things I should/could be doing and any sliver of calm disappearing into a vacuum of rambled thoughts peppered with distractions of wondering if my leggings had become transparent during downward-facing dog.

It has taken until now, in my early thirties and during possibly one of the biggest phases of my life doing my best to be a successful freelance consultant/every-other-role-required-to-take-on-as-a-small-business-owner, while trying to be a better partner/daughter/sister/friend, and doing the kind of soul searching one does in their thirties, to finally really and honestly enjoy yoga.

That’s not to say I’m good at it or know what the sanskrit words are or mean, but I am enjoying the peace it brings to my mind and body, even while shaking and sweating trying to please the yogi doing her best to help us ‘surrender to the practice’.

Perhaps I’ve found maturity in myself to ‘surrender’ and be mindful while on the mat and it no longer un-nerves me to be in a dark room with half-dressed strangers chanting words I can’t make out nor understand what or why. I’m still beginner when it comes to remembering all the sanksrit meanings and I still can’t remember what pose pigeon and dolphin are supposed to look like but I’m excited to learn.

I still love my high-impact sports like boxing and muay thai, and a heavy lifting session at the gym, but now I have found a discipline to balance out these high energy activities.

An hour of yoga now helps me reset my mind and spirit when things start to get heavy or life begins to move faster that is comfortable or healthy. I feel it is preparing me to better cope with challenges that lie ahead. It helps make room for clarity, perspective and calm and I know these qualities help make me a better human.


*A giant heartfelt thank you to Michelle, a well-disciplined yogi, for inviting me to discover the great value of this practice with you 🙂