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I’ve never been one for setting new year resolutions. I find them anxiety provoking more than motivating. But I have set myself a guiding principle I will continue to carry with me beyond 2020. Once the initial ‘choice paralysis’ subsided, the joy of being in a unique position to choose my own adventure kicked in. Having already pursued a chunk of learning in recent times, I began to think about the things I’ve always felt drawn to but never actioned and wondered why this may be.

The answer I’ve often told myself includes things like time constraints, location limitations, or it just seems like a crazy idea that discounts everything I’ve done to date to almost start again in something completely new. But as I delve deeper into these excuses (with my newly attained counselling training), I realise it’s actually fear that holds me back from doing things I want to do.

So I’ve set myself the guiding light of “lean into the fear to find freedom”.

Reflecting on the things I’ve done of late where I have jumped into the fear, the outcome has been joyful, encouraging, strengthening and nourishing with a good kick of that “I’m so badass” feeling.

And each time I’ve felt lighter and liberated from the thoughts, emotions and ego that kept me tethered to doing things the same way as I’ve been doing.

This is not to discount the value of improving on tried and tested ways to keep moving forward. Rather, it’s about reviewing other options that may be available to me now that were perhaps not there before for practical, emotional or resource-related reasons.

But whatever the fact, pushing myself to try new things and new ways – facing fear of failure, fear of shame, fear of criticism (of myself and from others), fear of the unknown – has brought new opportunities, adventures and a feeling of freedom in my heart and soul.

Untethering myself to old attachments and judgments is liberating.

That’s not to say everything ends with joy and success. But there is always satisfaction and contentment in knowing I was scared but did it anyway.

Fear can have a strong grip on the capacity for growth. We all have fear – healthy and unhealthy fear – but when you know the difference and can work with both ends of the spectrum you may find it sparks significant movement towards who you are, in essence, without feeling smothered by fear.


I’m currently formulating something new to help foster growth within you, drawing on the new wellspring of learning I’ve attained. If you’re interested to know more when I’m ready to share it, please drop me an email – kimberley@brandprsocial.com.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.