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There’s an article on B&T titled Social Creatives Are The New Digital Friends And Influencers that reviews the ‘Mind and Mood Report’ from IPSOS Social Trends Hub:

“Social Creatives are heavy users of mobile devices and are highly active on social media and the Internet. They are highly opinionated and extroverted. They enjoy sharing their views about anything and everything – amongst both their friends on social media and the wider community on blogs and forums. They see themselves as highly sophisticated members of the digital society and as content creators and aggregators. Their broader sense of self-identity is tightly bound to their online image,” said Laura Demasi, Ipsos Mind and Mood research director.

Read full article (pic also from article)

I like this piece however I do think there is a tendency for us ‘Social Creatives’ to sound a bit lacking on the serious business side …  perhaps that title may be reserved for ‘Social Creative Strategists’…. which doesn’t sound very creative at all!