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I’ve always enjoyed reading all kinds of writing but, over the last few years, enjoying a good novel – fiction and non-fiction – is one of the things on my list that keeps being moved to the next week and the next and the next. I think it may have traveled a whole year through my calendar with other personal feats I’ve not yet achieved.

A few years back my wonderful Mum and Dad gave me a Kindle but this took an even further place down my list as I wanted to first complete the paperbacks that already sat untouched on my self. I’m happy to say I conquered those bad boys in December, which means I also finally picked up my Kindle on 28 December 2016.

Since that time I’ve read Marching Powder, Girl on the Train, and now I’m 77% of the way through The Ice Man. And I have a new addiction – reading on my Kindle.

I’ve always admired and enjoyed the written word. It’s one of the reasons I love working in communications. Reading about all kinds of adventures, ideas, ponderings, theories, opinions and turns of phrase – especially the true stories that are so far out of my world they do indeed seem fiction – brings my a joy and thrill of seeing the world through someone else’s perspective.

Aside from the many benefits of reading often written about, it’s a focused time-out from the busyness of my mind. Everything else falls away, kind of like my version of a mediatative state.

Your reading suggestions?

Would love to hear your reading suggestions please! I generally love the action/adventure genres, crime and military true stories, and real-life tales about extreme experiences.