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Learn to Meditate: 3 Day Course

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Learn to Meditate with me

Making space for stillness in your mind, body and soul allows you to find a baseline sense of calm and peace. We do this by creating the perfect conditions for your whole self to release stress and fatigue. Learn how to practice this twenty-minute, twice-daily meditation that is accessible and gentle, something you can do anywhere at any time.

I’m a meditation teacher certified to teach the 1 Giant Mind Being Meditation technique to help you find a deeper sense of awareness. Give yourself care and attention that allows for simply Being. Reconnect with your essence and meet yourself where you are, in the moment, and at this stage of your life.

It’s not so much about what happens during your mediation as what happens around it, in your ‘eyes open’ day-to-day.

Notice that’s happening within and around you without judgement. Witness without being consumed. Respond thoughtfully instead of reacting out of fear-based behavioural patterns.

What this course involves:

  • The course: 90 minutes per day for 3 x consecutive days where you’ll learn the technique, do your home practice, explore your experiences, and share your questions
  • Location: online for now but will revert to in-person when it’s safe to do so.

For more information, please visit my website.

As a trained counsellor, I am also able to lend my skills to your learning process for anything that may come up. These are not counselling sessions but an opportunity to provide additional wellbeing support through your meditation practice. I will provide further instructions before the course begins.

With thanks and gratitude.

Why I practice the 1 Giant Mind Being Meditation Technique.

The gentle and forgiving nature of the mechanics of this technique is based on releasing stress and fatigue. It is not intimidating and you don’t need to have meditated before to grasp the concept and mechanics of this practice.

Meditation can:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Give you better clarity and focus
  • Increase your happiness and wellbeing
  • Create greater self-awareness

This technique is…

  • Great for people who have never meditated, but also provides a sound daily practice for those who do or have meditated before
  • Simple to learn, effortless to practice
  • Easy to make into a daily habit on your own
  • Perfect for people who believe they could never meditate because they are restless and can’t calm their mind
  • Perfect for people with busy lives
  • Requires no focus or control
  • Can be done anywhere, anytime



“My experience is that the practice of meditation increases empathy, whilst at the same time reducing stress and anxiety in everyday life. With this technique and Kimberley’s teaching style, it was quick to learn and easy to follow. I congratulate her on helping to make meditation accessible to all.” – Jayne Powell, Editor Champagne Jayne www.champagnejayne.com


“I’ve tried meditating many times before, but I never felt as though I was doing it correctly. Kimberley was so helpful in guiding and teaching a practice that is accessible and easy to build on.” – Randy, journalist


“I work on a gold mine site where I work 14 days consecutively for 12 hours a day. I stopped looking after myself physically and mentally. Eating food that’s no good for me and not exercising at all – I went into such a deep slump. Treating myself like a trash can. No matter how much I tried to motivate myself to eat better and get to the gym I had just convinced myself I couldn’t do it and I had the feelings of letting myself down and disappointment. I really convinced myself I was never going to “do well” or “feel well” again.

Then I realised I needed to start from the inside. And Kimberley suggested learning meditation. I’m annoyed with myself for putting it off for so long and at the same time I’m so happy and grateful that I’ve finally done it. I’m excited to continue to practice meditation and experience everything it has to offer. Absolutely the most gratifying and effective way I have cared for myself in years. I definitely have a long way to go but I can finally see a light!

Thank you Kimberley for sharing your amazing gift with me and thank you for giving me the tools to learn care for and love myself again 💜” – Monera