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I’ve been reading/watching/listening to a LOT of content lately about food, fitness, business, social media, design, digital, dogs and lambs. Mostly I only get through 70 per cent of the piece of content which could mean I’ve either developed an attention deficit disorder. Or it means there’s so much content out there I’m becoming more critical of time spent absorbing other people’s stuff. Ok, so maybe both.

And here I am adding to the content overload. So, stop reading my sh*t so you can watch THIS guys: Gary Vaynerchuck. If you sell anything at all – services, products, hopes, dreams – you will learn something about what you’re doing wrong with your business from this guy. You’ll love it.

Stalk Gary here: http://garyvaynerchuk.com/

Hat-tip another guy you should stalk for reminding me about this dude: Trevor Young


*Disclaimer: when I say ‘stalk’ I don’t mean in a creepy skin-suit way, I mean in a ‘learn as much as you can’ way

** Confession: I actually wrote this post after about three quarters of the way into Gary’s video while listening to what we was talking about and while painting my nails…yes I have problems…or solutions, I’m not sure which 😉