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By Peter Prandalos

Hey guys I’m Peter Prandalos, a 2nd year student at Wollongong University.  I am currently studying a double degree in Journalism and Commerce.  This double degree is happening as I have come to a crossroads in terms of my career goals.  With journalism I’d love to go onto either sports reporting or football commentary, however, with commerce I’d love a possible career in Public Relations (PR) based on what I’ve learned in my Marketing subjects.

Like I just said, a career in Public Relations is something I’d potentially love to follow through with, so learning about what it’s like in the real world before committing to a PR major at university is probably a smart idea.  I’d like to learn more about PR so I can understand what’s involved in the profession, which would in turn give me a better idea of whether this is the right career path for me.

Because I haven’t done any real specific PR subjects just yet at university, I’m going to use this internship as a practical way of learning about it, plus it will also give me some real world experience which can only be a good thing.

The following aspects of PR I’d like to learn about throughout this internship are:

  • How PR companies work with their clients
  • What importance PR plays in promoting a certain product
  • What clients hope to achieve through PR
  • How PR ties in with journalism (My other degree at university)
  • Why people and companies employ a PR campaign
  • How to write a press release
  • How PR specialists go about helping a company or person embroiled in scandal or negative media attention

At the moment it’s hard to say how I feel about PR, but in terms of the work environment and the office here at Brand PR Social…Well it’s GREAT!  Everything and everyone is just so laid back.  This is the first ‘office’-type experience I’ve had, but going to lunch whenever you feel like, not having someone constantly monitoring you, being allowed to work at your own pace and having ‘casual Friday’ every day is the best.

Me personally, I feel like I’m working at Google…but of course Brand PR Social is on a much smaller scale than Google…For now anyways.

I will keep you all updated on my future endeavours with Brand PR Social and in Public Relations as a whole.


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Thanks Peter, glad you enjoyed your first day, we’re excited to have you join the team. However, I couldn’t let this post get published without first asking: you’ve never been to Google, have you?! Just kidding around, we love your positive energy and is one of the reasons we thought you’d be a great fit for us. Glad you’re having fun in our office and we hope you get as much from this experience as possible. Looking forward to reading more posts from you  🙂