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Deciding the name of a child is difficult, but deciding the name of a business seems even more challenging. Traditionally, there is a finite list of names suitable for a person although I can think of some children unfortunately christened as an object or thing. For a business, the possibilities go as far as the imagination can wander.

As a new business, deciding the name took me from the sublime to the abstract and proverbial until everything I saw was retrofit with some kind of relevancy. Towards the end of the naming process I was really just saying words with emphasis, as if that made it meaningful. And then I arrived at the blindingly obvious: BRAND PR SOCIAL.

A quick check of the availability confirmed this is meant to be. On April 15, BRAND PR SOCIAL began as a ‘sort-of version’ of onomatopoeia being called exactly what I do – work with brands, companies and organisations providing Public Relations and Social Media services in this time of new communication, lead by the convergence of traditional and digital.

‘So why the decision to start up a company?’ ask many I’ve spoken to. The short but mysterious and hippy-ish answer that is better understood by others who have walked the start up solopreneur path is, ‘the universe aligned and now is the right time.’

The more palatable, intellectual and quotable answer is: one of the compelling factors that lead to this start up is the shift in experience and skill-set required of professional communicators today. My traditional Public Relations background is complimented by rich experience specialising in Social Media as a PR practitioner and in a dedicated Social Media role.

At this stage of the game, it seems we who posses solid experience in both are still the minority. Of this group, many belong to global agencies or sit at the HQ of major companies; both hats I’ve tried on for size.

I would love to hear from, connect with and share the journey with other solopreneurs and boutique consultants who have career paths in both traditional PR and Social Media. This is an exciting time for us…