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Here are some articles I bookmarked last month. It’s just a handful from the hundreds of pieces of content I read each month about social media, marketing and digital. I also meander through articles from a wider range of topics that Medium suggests and have, of late, been perusing Quora for conversations about everything outside of what I read for work, to keep my mind exploring the unknown. I may share some of that random goodness in another post.

10 Social Trends You Need To Know, wearesocial – this is long but insightful and worth a read – you can also skim the article if you don’t have time to view the slideshow.

Why Millions of Tweens Are Using Musical.ly… And Why It Matters, Gary V – Medium

More Than a Message: The Evolution of Conversation, Facebook IQ

How KLM uses bots and AI in ‘human’ social customer service, econsultancy

The three pillars redefined: So, the past year of activity with social commerce, Messenger integration of functionality and AI to improve service, has led to an update of the three pillars model. 

Service: Solve issues fast and on the spot, whether it is through a personal approach or social automation. Learn from interactions to change KLM for the better.

Brand and Reputation: Campaigns to create awareness or highlight campaignable services based on service interactions. Content designed to create awareness and reinforce values.

Commerce: Make social commerce scalable and cost-efficient. Activation throughout the journey.

And underpinning this work is:

Social Development and Automation: Bringing .com to social touchpoints. Automating parts of the internal and external conversation.

8 Great Corporate Snapchats to Follow, Entrepreneur

Kik Is Now Letting Users Interact With More Than One Chatbot in the Same Conversation, AdWeek

Shake Shack’s marketing head Edwin Bragg explains how the burger chain keeps its fans engaged, The Drum

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