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Perhaps one of the busiest months to date, September flew by and I admit I’m a little tired but all the richer in experience after working with my new friend and inspirational force Amelia Loye at her company engage2. Amelia works with government agencies drawing on her strong history in stakeholder engagement. I’m enjoying the work, the learnings, challenges and new experiences that will complement the brand and private sector work that is my usual bag.

Although we can’t talk about much of the work we do I wanted to share my delight at having met Amelia who is a strong, inspirational leader who strives and works every day for change and a betterment.

Thank you.


PS: Wanted to also share some info about the engageTech event Amelia founded and runs


Also have a look at theĀ engage2 website for Amelia’s thinking and approach to digital communication for stakeholder engagement, particularly at the engageTech Spectrum she has developed.