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I love the time I have on the bus ride into the city and on my walks home from Sydney CBD to Bondi to listen to podcasts in my iPhone. The collection of audio shows I’m drawn to tend to be about things I would probably never otherwise be exposed to, such as how the glomar response – “neither confirm nor deny” – came to be, what it’s like to solve big crimes in small cities, how brave choices create everyday heroes, what it’s like to live with specific and rare health conditions, and what ‘seeing with the mind’s eye’ means for someone with Aphantasia.

Here are the pods that expand my mind with information, stories, anecdotes, learnings, ramblings and tales of all things weird and wonderful:

  1. 99% Invisible
  2. Stuff You Should Know
  3. Thinking Sideways
  4. Stuff to Blow Your Mind
  5. The Moth Podcast
  6. BuzzFeed’s Internet Explorer
  7. Story Club (some episodes feature my clever sister, Alex Lee)
  8. The Zero Thumbs Down Podcast (a hilarious view of the world from three hilariously geeky fun guys in their early 20s, one of which happens to be my younger brother, the other two his mates)
  9. The Engaging Brand
  10. NYC Radiolab (the first pod I was hooked on and still love love love for their content and format)
  11. This American Life
  12. TEDTalks (audio)

I’d love to know what you listen to and any hot tips for new shows to wrap my ears around.

Happy listening!