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Some time ago in the land of a different blog, I wrote about the relationship between PR people and journalists. For the most part, I’ve had positive experiences with many a journo. I’m delighted to have remained connected with them over the years even during my stint in Social Media at Hoyts where I was out of the pitching loop.

I’ll be chatting with journalists for this blog and sharing the #prjournolove along the way.

First up is tech journalist and entrepreneur Stephen Fenech who I’ve known over the years and I’m thrilled for his newest project VoiceByte. Thanks Stephen!


Meet Stephen

My main gig: Tech writer/commentator of TechGuide.com.au

What I moonlight as: app developer with my brother Michael. We created VoiceByte – a fun new app that allows you to record and share audio with images to your social networks so your friends and followers can literally hear you.

Favourite local haunt: Anywhere where they make good coffee – also love Thai food and you’ll be able to spot me quite often at Chilli Box in Coogee.

Apps I can’t live without: Apart from VoiceByte of course – TuneIn Radio – have become an AM radio talkback addict and Spotify – because I never know what type of music I want to listen to anywhere.

Book I recommend: Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson – an honest portrait of a man and the company he built. He had huge ideas and a unshakeable vision. Had the pleasure of being in the audience to watch him present many of his famous keynotes including the introduction iPad in 2010 – that was a moment in tech history.

Song I’m loving right now: DNA by Empire of the Sun – in fact the whole album that came from – Ice On the Dune – brilliant!

Connect with Stephen: @StephenFenech

Stephen Fenech