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It may be hard for some to imagine a land before time when there was no smartphone and definitely no Facebook or Insti or Snapchat. As we evolved (*ironic snigger*) ‘new media’ was a thing that meant forums and online communities in the real sense of the term. There were no courses or social media gurus or online influencers. Life was simpler back then, I think.

Since then, the emergence of social media platforms and digital tech has brought about a different culture. Being in the business of communications now involves so many more channels and opportunities, issues and crises, seflies and slashies. Keeping up with the everyone and every platform is near impossible and it’s easy to get caught in the rip-tide of shiny new apps and hashtags.

Whilst I revel in big ideas and trying new things, it’s also never been more important to take a moment (or as many moments as you need), to stop and take stock of the value of your investment in social media. Time. Money. People. Sanity. Health and wellbeing.

If you’re ‘doing it’ (social media, that is) for business make sure your efforts are helping you achieve your business goals. Think about the people who really matter to your business – customers, clients, suppliers, investors and other key stakeholders – and how representative your social media following is of these core people.

Investing in social media for your business can be a worthwhile activity if you keep your efforts focused on what’s important and where it has the most value. Otherwise, what’s the point?