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Calling out for help with questions or quandaries via Twitter has thrown back kindness that always humbles me. Which is one of the things I love about the tweeps (that’s Twitter speak for peeps … that’s hipster speak for peoples…which is ghetto speak for multiple people): they’re such a friendly bunch who really are about sharing and caring.

The more you use Twitter the more you will get back from connecting, tweeting, ReTweeting and hashtagging. Heck, I’ve even been recruited on Twitter! *hat-tip @trevoryoung and @parkpr

Starting a new Twitter profile for BRAND PR SOCIAL has taken me back to where it all began in the Twitterverse – as a new avatar in a big wide world of tweeps. During this phase it’s important to build your presence, voice and personality by tweeting daily, following regularly and having fun with the tweeps.

If you’re new to Twitter or still trying to figure it all out I’d love to share the tweep love and help you find the value in 140 character posts. And if you do give it a go and find that it’s not for you then that’s fine too.

As I always say, social networks are only worth committing to if they’re useful for you and add value to your world, so if one platform doesn’t work for you there are thousands more to try!

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