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Since starting this freelance journey no week has been the same and I embrace the fluidity of the freelance lifestyle, however even constant change is a routine in itself. So far, I’ve let the changes come as they please but this month I made the conscious decision to make some changes … and it feels good in a ‘taking charge of no routine’ kind of way.

These aren’t major events but they’re having a major impact to the way I feel about the dynamic nature of my days.

The first thing I’m doing differently is taking my dog for a walk each day. I know this is something I should have been doing anyway but now I’m doing it every day. Libby (puppy) loves it and I love it. It gets me moving in the morning and a recharge and refresh at the end of the day. And my Jawbone UP fitness tracker stops telling me I haven’t made the 10,000 steps target. Now I just need to get it to stop telling me to get more sleep (annoying know-it-all gadget).

The second change is that I’m finally reading a paperback book, something I’ve been lusting over for a while now as it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. It has literally been more than two years since I’ve done this. Shocking, I know. My current read is an intriguing novel of short stories about novice monks in Thailand. I picked this book up at the airport in Phuket last year with the intention of reading it on the plane, but all I read on the plane were the backs of my eyelids. I’m not quite as disciplined with this change yet as my mind seems to think the backs of my eyelids is a far more interesting read after just two pages of the book. I’m working on it.

I would like to do something differently each month although realistically I’ll start with every second month and see where it takes me. Just two weeks in and it feels good for my soul so it’s definitely something I need more of.

What do you try and do differently each month to give yourself a challenge and change?