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Lately I’ve been having conversations around the question ‘what is your end goal?’. Answers have varied from clear vision and the path to success, to the polar opposite response of ‘I’m not sure exactly’. In either case, and all versions in between, it’s a valuable conversation to have in getting to the heart of a business and the driving force to succeed, among other things.

It often prompts taking time to reflect and remember why a person started the business they’re building, or what a brand initially set out to achieve. There have been times when this question has been the catalyst for getting to the raw truth of why a business was born and how far it’s grown, or remained as it was initially intended.

Knowing where things started can help lay the next foundations for reaching the ‘end goal’, however near or far ahead that may be. And the goal posts do change, but it’s helpful to have a vision of where you’d like to end up at this stage of the game so you can plan how to get there.

For me, as a small business owner, this is a personal as well as professional thought process. For me, creativity, technology and an entrepreneurial spirit means the end goal changes often as I grow and learn, but my personal philosophies remain.

So, what’s your end goal?