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During the last month or so the majority of my work has allowed me to work from home or anywhere I’d like to set up my little Macbook Air and Telstra 4G wifi block. If there’s a power point handy that’s even better. Here are some of the places you’ll find me hanging around when I’m not at a client’s office or at my home office. They are mostly Surry Hills based as that’s where I’ve been spending most of my time lately.

Shirt Bar: yes this is a current client I’m working with but I do love to set up shop here and it’s my fave meeting place in the city. Even if I wasn’t working with the cool cats here I’d still be a regular. Part retailer of custom fit and bespoke shirts and suits, bow ties, pocket hankies, cuff links and other fun fashion items you can have a fitting while you sip a latte or slug a whiskey. A popular for Friday drinks! Let me know if you’re planning to head in. Would also appreciate a tweet – @theshirtbar – or Instagram – ShirtBar 🙂 #blatantplug

Paramount Coffee Project: grab a spot in the window or outside in the sunshine and soak up the creative hipster vibe at this Commonwealth St marvel with a whimsical shop that sells fun things and a cinema to boot. I like to wash down a Macchiato with a Strawberry Breakfast Soda.

Joe Black: love the old school hip hop and friendly staff who welcome me by name … and it only took one visit for them to remember! Relaxed and casual. Check out the cool big table in the front with the foreign currency and other cool bits in the table top.

Reuben Hills: I love this place for impressing my breakie or lunch guest. Super cool interior with their own coffee roaster. Quirky Central and South American inspired menu. Relaxed uber cool vibe makes me feel very urban creative professional!

Oasis Cafe: this little random shop makes it on my list because they let me sit in there for two hours and made me a slightly strange Asian green tea latte to try in the early days of putting their menu together. Not super cool but they are super friendly and I like giving business to kind people working hard to make it work. Yummy cakes too!

Westfield Bondi Junction Food Court: in the ‘nice’ (read: more expensive shops) end of the shopping centre one level down from Fitness First. This is where I usually go if I’m early for my Personal Training session with Stuart. I grab a bowl of overpriced fruit and sit near the power outlets so I can recharge and refuel. If it’s super busy I’ll still grab the overpriced fruit and set up camp in the Gym’s communal reception spot. Note to self: must remember to pack an apple.

There are many more places to seek solace and good food and bev around town. Will add them as I go.

Let me know where your favourite spots are to set up mobile office or for meetings, wherever you are in the world.

Strawberry Soda