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Lately I’ve been working with people to define their personal brands so they can embark on a blogging adventure with their profile at the centre of their work. For some, the plan is to turn passion into profit and for others the purpose is to showcase their expertise and experience in the work they already have. So it’s kind of a funny thing to be advocating, training and emphasising the importance of maintaining a diligence in posting when I’m publishing one post each month…

But I do have an explanation for this! The purpose of my blog is to share personal thoughts about moments, ideas, things I’ve learned, observed, experienced or pondered upon. I write to share little moments of me as a person – what I’m up to, what I like, how I see the world and other moments and encounters … but I’m not one to overshare (although I don’t think I am anyway!).

I think it’s important for people to feel they know a bit about the kind of person I am when they’re checking out my website, beyond the ‘About me’ profile, especially if they’re thinking about doing business together. Well, that’s what I look for when I’m looking at your website 🙂


PS: You can, of course, have a better sticky beak at what I’m up to on my Instagram and Twitter profiles